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Name: Hudson

Breed: Chihuahua/ Dachshund X

Age: 6 years

Favorite Activities: I LOVE to be cuddled, I could sleep in a comfy lap all day!

Best Qualities: My incredibly soft fur and rotund body, I’m a lil sweet potato!

My Best Friends: Zen Zen, Muffin, Kitty, and Dora!


Name: Kigwa & Simba

Breed: German Shepherds

Age: 4 years & 3 months

Favorite Activities: Goofing off and stealing each other’s toys! We’re big goofballs!

Best Qualities: We LOVE to munch on our toys and play tug-of-war!

Our Best Friends: Each other! Sarah, Mike, Terry, Juliane, Adam, and Jessica


Name: Fenway

Breed: Beagle

Age: 15 years & 1 month

Favorite Activities: Exploring the yard or snuggling! I don’t let my health challenges stop me!

Best Qualities: My gentle, joyous and sweet disposition!

My Best Friends: Old or young, fast or slow, big or small I love them all!


Name: Berkley

Breed: Goldendoodle

Age: 3 years & 2 months

Favorite Activities: I love doing zoomies around the yard with my pals! They can never catch me!

Best Qualities: My big fluffy face and never-ending kisses! I’m the sweetest girl!

My Best Friends: Sadie, Buster, Wily, and the rest of my doodle pals!


Name: Buzz
Breed: Spaniel/ Aussie Mix
Age: 9 years & 10 months old
Favorite Activities: I love snuggling and sniffing all the smells outside!
Best Qualities: My gentle personality; I’m the sweetest guy ever!
My Best Friends: Sarah, my Mom & Dad!!, the Mothers, and anyone willing to snuggle with me!


Name: Cowboy

Breed: Lab

Age: 6 Years & 7 months

Favorite Activities: Playing fetch and keep away with my favorite people & furry pals!

Best Qualities: My sweet, energetic personality! And my wiggly butt!

My Best Friends: Kenzie, Sully, and anyone with a good throwing arm!


Name: Pumpkin

Breed: Border Terrier

Age: 9 months

Favorite Activities: I love doing super speed zoomies with other dogs in the back yard! I’m way too fast for them!

Best Qualities: My adorable face and never-ending kisses!

My Best Friends: Everyone! Bo, Olina, Kitty, Dora, and… and… and… !


Name: Stealie

Breed: Pit

Age: 1 year & 2 months

Favorite Activities: Chasing my friends around the yard and practicing my wrestling skills.

Best Qualities: My adorable spots and my sweet personality!

My Best Friends: Madden, Sully, Jackson, Olina, Bob and anyone that loves a good game of rugby!


Name: Bandit

Breed: Jack Russel/

Age: 11 years & 11 months

Favorite Activities: Running around the back yard and getting belly rubs!

Best Qualities: My eyes are awesome — the brightest blue you’ve ever seen! And I’m the sweetie of everyone who knows me!

My Best Friends: Dora, Kitty, Henry, and anyone that will pet me!


Name: Jack and Ace

Breed: German Shepherds

Age: 1 year & 1 month and 2 years & 11 months

Favorite Activities: We love wrestling with each other and practicing our dancing skills. What do you think? 😊

Best Qualities: We’re two big energetic goofs that never fail to put a smile on your face!

My Best Friends: Each other and anyone who will run around with us!

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