To our dear Paws Awhile Family,

As COVID-19 continues to have a dramatic impact across the globe, our top priorities at Paws Awhile are the health, happiness, and safety of the pets you entrust to our care, in addition to the well-being of our employees, loved ones, and you, our Paws Awhile family.

While there have been no reported cases of coronavirus in pets, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that anyone who is sick with COVID-19 should restrict contact with pets and other animals. Just as you would avoid contact with other people if you are sick, the CDC recommends that people who are sick seek assistance in caring for their pets, and we want you to know we are open, and we are here to support you and your family.

Keeping pets on a routine, including regular exercise and socialization, plays a significant role in maintaining their overall health, so we want to share what we are doing to keep you and your pets safe here at Paws Awhile. We hope this gives you the confidence that your four-legged family members are well-cared for, and that you’ll be safe as you arrive and depart.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols 
We have added a new disinfecting product that is effective and approved against COVID-19. This product is safe for people and pets. We have also increased the cleaning/disinfecting of highly touched surfaces, including doorknobs, gate latches, faucets, toilet handles, etc., to multiple times throughout the day. We have required our employees to take extra precautions as well, so we can continue providing the superior care you have come to trust.

New Valet Service 
We are pleased to offer a new Valet Service, which is part of our continuing effort to abide by social distancing guidelines and to do our part to keep everyone safe. Our lobby is closed to the public until further notice.

• When you arrive for check-in, please remain in your car and call us at 540-347-4855.
• We will come to your car to collect your pet, and any food or medications. All instructions and payments will be handled over the phone.
• We ask that you securely hold your dog’s leash while the car door is opened just enough for us to slip one of our leashes over your dog’s head and pull it secure.
• We will then remove your dog’s collar and leash.
• The same procedure will apply at check-out.

Transportation Services
If you or a family member are ill and need us to care for your fur baby, please ask a friend or relative to transport your pet to us or ask us about our transportation services. We do have special rates for clients who have become ill with COVID-19. Please call us to discuss a solution.

Let’s Stay in Touch
As the situation evolves, we will continue to keep you informed, especially related to any changes to our schedules, services, or temporary changes in procedures that you may experience. Communication is key. We are just a phone call away and hope you will contact us with any questions or ways that we can help you while keeping your pets safe, happy, and healthy.We all pray you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy! We are all in this together. Please remember we are here to help, and we look forward to taking care of your four-legged family members and supporting you during this difficult time.

With love and support,
Your Paws Awhile Family