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Name: Murphy

Breed: Snuggle Monster

Age: 10 ¼ years

Favorite Activities: Sniffing and categorizing EVERYTHING that my nose can find! If you are not busy, please give me some belly and butt rubs!

Best Qualities: Can you resist snuggling with this handsome face?

My Best Friends: Olivia, Kevin, Kristie, Kelly, Madison and Reagan


Name: Abby

Breed: Eternal Puppy

Age: 16 ¾ years young!

Favorite Activities: Being carried around by all my 2-legged friends! I also love long walks and lots of snuggles!

Best Qualities: I have a great anti-aging cream… but don’t spill my secrets!

My Best Friends:  Pepper, Ginger, Henry, Roxanne and all 2-leggeds.


Name: Athena

Breed: Dappled Dearie

Age: Polite people never ask a woman’s age! But don’t I look smashing for 15 ½?

Favorite Activities: Let’s go to the field! But afterwards you must let me lay in your lap.

Best Qualities:  I may be small, but I am as mighty as they come.

My Best Friends: Em, Adam, Kelly, and Eric


Name: Fitzroy

Breed: Ferociously Loving Attack Beast

Age: 1 ½ years

Favorite Activities: Loving, being loved on, racing around with my friends, eating noses, cleaning faces and giving kisses!

Best Qualities: Let’s GO! Um.. where did you say we were going?

My Best Friends: Have I met you yet? You are my next best friend!


Name: Rocky

Breed: Super Playful

Age: 1 year

Favorite Activities: Waiting for Santa! Or playing keep-away with anything you might want! Or just plain old being silly!

Best Qualities: Besides being good-looking, extremely friendly and playful?

My Best Friends: Olivia, Kristie and Jay


Name: Henry

Breed: Goldendoodle

Age: 2 ½ years

Favorite Activities: Chasing rainbows in search of my pot of gold – my next best friend!

Best Qualities: My dapper fashion sense is out-classed only by my snugglability!

My Best Friends: Em, Lindsay, Ally, Pepper and Ginger


Name: Kobe & Callie

Breed: Golden & Lab

Age: 8 & 7 years

Favorite Activities: If there’s a ball around, we’d love to chase it! If not, we’ll play tag!

Best Qualities: We’re super sweet best friends that also like to wrestle!

My Best Friends: Everyone that plays!


Name: Loki

Breed: Japanese Chin

Age: 1 ½ years

Favorite Activities: Showing off all my fancy evasive maneuvers when playing “Chase” with my friends! But I DO also love my bed and lounging!

Best Qualities: A huge personality in a little package, I am used to demanding the finer things in life!

My Best Friends: Penelope, Archie, Ranger & Sunny Lynn


Name: Koda

Breed: Aussie

Age: 1 ¾ years

Favorite Activities: Being the leader of the pack and pulling out all the stops! Let’s do it again!

Best Qualities: Any size friend, any style play — I don’t mind!

My Best Friends: Mabel, Gizmo, Rose, Truman and Stormy


Name: Bailey

Breed: Hound X

Age: 13 ¼ years

Favorite Activities: Hands down, a snuggle! But I can also chase those pesky deer away!

Best Qualities: Age has nothing to do with it! I’m just as spunky as the young ones!

My Best Friends: Baylee & Sheldon

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