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Name: Carmen

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Age: 6 years old

Favorite Activities: Running around the field and chasing toys! I LOVE TOYS!

Best Qualities: My excited personality and yet I’m always ready to snuggle!

My Best Friends: Kim, the Mothers, and anyone who will give me a peanut butter stuffed Kong (my favorite)!


Name: Potato & Bree

Breed: Chow/Golden & Great Pyrenees/Hound

Age: 6 Years & 3 Years

Favorite Activities: Romping around the backyard and eating treats! We LOVE treats!

Best Qualities: Our wrestling skills are unmatched!

My Best Friends: Each other! Sarah, Kori, and anyone with a treat!


Name: Finnegan

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 1 Year

Favorite Activities: I love doing zoomies around the back yard and chasing my own tail!

Best Qualities: My bear hugs that can brighten any day!

My Best Friends: Anyone that will chase me around and pet my tummy!


Name: Fenway

Breed: Bernedoodle

Age: 1 year old

Favorite Activities: Sprinting around the yard and practicing my wrestling skills with my friends!

Best Qualities: My adorable face and super long tongue!

My Best Friends: Madison, Wager, Ellie, Jackson, and Samantha!


Name: Fleury

Breed: Pug

Age: 2 years old

Favorite Activities:
Romping around with my friends and playing catch-me-if-you-can with them!

Best Qualities: My charming little snorts, long tongue and the most adorable curly-q tail!

My Best Friends: Kitty, Chewy, Muffin and Dora!


Name: Diesel

Breed: Cane Corso

Age: 1 year old

Favorite Activities: Exploring the trails and playing tug-of-war with my pals!

Best Qualities: I’m a giant goofy lap dog! Give me a lap and I’ll be sure to snuggle in it! I also give the wettest kisses!

My Best Friends: Bo, Mary, Stills, Dutch and Bella!


Name: Cooper

Breed: Goldendoodle

Age: 5 Years

Favorite Activities: Romping around the field with my pals!

Best Qualities: I LOVE to be loved on, and I definitely give the best hugs!

My Best Friends: ANYONE! Especially, Buster, Jackson, Bo, and Stealie!


Name: Pasha

Breed: Kangal

Age: 1 year & 6 months

Favorite Activities: Running like the wind with my friends, but if you have any sheep, I’ll take care of them too!

Best Qualities: My wild bursts of energy, plus my gigantic hugs and kisses!

My Best Friends: Mary, Jess, Adam and anyone else I don’t scare with my size!


Name: Buck

Breed: Cocker/ Pomeranian X

Age: 14 years & 6 months

Favorite Activities:

Adventuring and taking in the sights with my friends! I’m not too old for fun!

Best Qualities:

My sweet, spunky I’m-up-for-what’s-next attitude!

My Best Friends: Logan, Henry, Tuffy, Hudson and Jack


Name: Apollo

Breed: Shar Pei Mix

Age: 1 year & 7 months

Favorite Activities:

I’m a great dancer! And I love high-speed zooming with my buddies!

Best Qualities: I am a little shy with people, but I LOVE my 4-legged friends! When I get out with them, I forget to be shy!

My Best Friends: Zoe, Ben, Anna, Max & Stella