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Name: Scarlett & Gracie

Breed: Boxer Mixes

Age: Both 4 ¾ years

Favorite Activities: We LOVE zooming around the field – Scarlett loves finding toys and Gracie likes making pitstops for pets before chasing after her sister!

Best Qualities: Our gorgeous smiles and our generous kisses!!

My Best Friends:  Em, Kelly, Jay, Mother Ed, our mom Olivia, and each other!!!


Name: Zoe

Breed: Fundoodle

Age: 1 ½ years

Favorite Activities: Playing just about anything you want to play, especially football, keep away and FETCH!

Best Qualities: I’m always a happy camper!

My Best Friends: JAY! And all the Crazies!!!


Name: Levi

Breed:  Lab X

Age: 9+ years

Favorite Activities: Are you going for a walk or a romp in the field? I’ll be right there!

Best Qualities: My sunny disposition and easy-going nature make me a favorite with everyone!

My Best Friends:  Samba, Rylee, Kelly, Jess and Jay


Name: Mauser

Breed: Rottweiler

Age: 2½ years

Favorite Activities: As an energetic, good-looking young man, I love to run and romp in the big field and play with the balls!

Best Qualities: Once I get my sillies out, I am very eager to please and follow all commands!

My Best Friends:  Olivia, Mary, Jess and Jay


Name: Ernie

Breed: Quite Mixed 😊

Age: 8 months

Favorite Activities: Chasing my BIG ball or playing tackle-tag with my friends until we’re all ready to pass out!

Best Qualities: Although I’m new in town and am a bit shy, I love to make new friends!

My Best Friends: Charlotte, Stella, Sadie, and Scout, but my Best Bud is JAY!


Name: Lexi & Tonka

Breed: Golden Retrievers

Age: 8¼ years & 1½ years old

Favorite Activities: Lexi says that she has her hands full taking care of Tonka, but they do squeeze in lots of fun playing their version of tag/keep away!

Best Qualities: We’re the sweetest and have the best smiles!

My Best Friends: Besides each other? Reagan, Olivia & Maddie


Name: Luna

Breed: Malinois

Age: 4 year 2 months

Favorite Activities: When the Pupparazzi are present, I love to show off and pose for the camera! When they are not, I LOVE to get that BALL!!

Best Qualities: I always tip my masseuse with kisses and hugs!

My Best Friends:  Reagan, Olivia, Chrystle, Mary, Maddie and Kevin


Name: Hayden

Breed: Labrador

Age: 3 ¾ years

Favorite Activities: I’m a bouncy girl interested in everyone and everything! Whatcha’ doin’? Can I do it too?

Best Qualities: My happy-go-lucky nature helps me make instant friends!

My Best Friends:  Bella, Sean, Maya, Stella and Sherman


Name: Samba

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 8 1/3 years

Favorite Activities: I’m so glad you asked! Please start with a scritch behind the ears, then caress my face, scratch my back and give me a belly rub! And then I can go play!

Best Qualities: I am always ready to help out the dogs that are less confident!

My Best Friends: Buddy, Kona, Callie, Rylee, Kobe & Buttercup


Name: Mabel

Breed:  1000% Labrador Retriever

Age: 2!

Favorite Activities: Need you ask? The farther you can throw the ball for me, the better! I am trying to perfect being able to carry two at a time! It’s always good to have a spare!

Best Qualities: When all is quiet and the balls have gone to bed, I love to snuggle and curl up in your lap!

My Best Friends: Bella, Zoe, Sadie, Willow and Scout