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Name: Cesium

Breed: Adorable

Age: 12+ years

Favorite Activities: When I am not busy telling Santa all the naughty things my brother did, I love running around and getting snuggles and pets from my friends!

Best Qualities: A soulful guy, I never forget kindness! I absorb love!

My Best Friends: Em, Reagan, M Ed & Pfizer


Name: Penelope

Breed: Cockapoo

Age: 9 months

Favorite Activities: Besides watching and waiting for Santa? Jumping into my friends’ arms and trading cuddles or playing tag!

Best Qualities: A bit shy at first, I love making new friends!

My Best Friends: Rosie, Gizmo, Dora, B2 and Sunny


Name: Samson

Breed: Chihuahua

Age: 2 ½ years

Favorite Activities: Being the “Most Friendly Chihuahua Ever” is a job I take very seriously. I really enjoy watching people melt when they experience my playful unconditional love!

Best Qualities: Besides 100% cuteness and sweetness??

My Best Friends: Muffin, Minnie, Rosie, Eric, Penelope, Jay & Dora


Name: Maeve

Breed: Aussie

Age: 7 months!

Favorite Activities: Launching myself into all my two-legged friends and cavorting endlessly with my four-legged friends and tons of toys!

Best Qualities: My gigantic smile and unlimited energy!

My Best Friends: Tillie, Truman, Lucy, Gizmo and Reagan


Name: August

Breed: 100% Golden Marshmallow

Age: 7+ years old

Favorite Activities: Let me BE with you or on you or between your legs or in your lap!

Best Qualities: Looking deeply into my dreamy eyes and stroking my soft fur helps all your worries disappear! Please try it!

My Best Friends: Em, Olivia, Kelly & Reagan

Name: Sasha

Breed: Plott Hound

Age: 11¾ years young

Favorite Activities: Seeking out my Bestie so we can romp, roll, squish, shake, and evade others!     

Best Qualities: My smile, my offer of true friendship and my super cool ears!

My Best Friends: My Bestie is Jolly the Ball!! Adam, Em, Reagan and Ally


Name: Recon

Breed: SuperSmart Aussie Cattle Dog/ Border Collie X

Age: 2+ years

Favorite Activities: Proving that I am the smartest Aussie Cattle Dog X around!

Best Qualities: Being well-rounded, I can turn into the Gold Medalist of Snugglers when a lap appears!

My Best Friends: Reagan, Eric, Flash, Devyn & Q


Name: Bella

Breed: Labrador Retriever Extraordinaire!

Age: 5 years and 2 months

Favorite Activities: Tracking, flushing out and capturing those Wild Tennis Balls! They can be very elusive!

Best Qualities: When not hot on the trail, I love my people and being with them and pleasing them!

My Best Friends: Reagan, Jay, Em and Mother Ed


Name: Haley

Breed: Springer Spaniel

Age: Almost 12!

Favorite Activities: SNUGGLING! Or perfecting my “sad eyes” so that I get lots of treats! On occasion, I’ll even WORK for food!

Best Qualities: You don’t have to call me twice when it is an opportunity for fun, massages or treats!

My Best Friends: My Mom! Reagan, Kelly, Olivia and Em


Name: Tex

Breed: Cattle Dog X

Age: 5 years

Favorite Activities: Being the Sherlock Holmes of captive treats while bounding over all obstacles in my path! When undercover, I have been known to snuggle and go for walks with my best human friends!

Best Qualities: Being the smartest dog around, I love to try new things and new ways – especially for food!

My Best Friends: Reagan, Jay, Chrystle, Mother Ed and Kim