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Name: Oreo

Breed: Border Collie

Age: 7 Years

Favorite Activities: Chasing after tennis balls! I can fetch until I pass out!!

Best Qualities: My two different colored eyes, and my sweet and loving attitude!

My Best Friends: Tennis Balls, Kai, Beau, and Bear!


Time to honor our Pup of the Week, Bear. We are sad to report that since choosing Bear for this feature, he has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and is now playing with other departed Paws Awhile friends, including his brother Pearson, on the other side. He is very much missed by his family, and all his friends at Paws Awhile.

Paws Awhile Pet Motel Pup of the Week - BearName: Bear

Breed: Lab/Border Collie Mix

Age: 12 years

Favorite Activities: Exploring and sniffing everything! I really love being outside, especially in the rain!

Best Qualities: My calm and sweet personality (except when I see my mom and dad! I love talking to them!)

My Best Friends: Debbie, The Mothers, Beau, and Nicole


Paws Awhile Pet Motel Pup of the Week June 30, 2017 - MemphisName: Memphis

Breed: Blood Hound

Age: 1 year & 4 months

Favorite Activities: Practicing my wrestling skills with my pals, and sniffing everything!

Best Qualities: My big floppy ears, slobbery smile, and my ability to get any dog to play with me!

My Best Friends: Ellie (She’s my bestest friend), Brandi, Maverick, and Beau


Paws A While Pet Motel Pup of the Week - EliName: Eli

Breed: (Adorable) Great Dane

Age: 6 months

Favorite Activities: Wrestling down in the field with all my favorite pals, and giving hugs!

Best Qualities: My sparkling grey eyes, giant paws and my never-ending playful attitude!

My Best Friends: Bailey, Memphis, Ellie, and any crazy dog EVER!!