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Name: Odin and Gracie

Breed: Labs

Age: 4 and 7 years old

Favorite Activities: Playing fetch, exploring and working on our agility skills!

Best Qualities: Our sweet eyes, loving and playful personalities and snugglability!

Our Best Friends: Everyone! Tucker, Lily, Memphis and Ellie!


Name: Leo

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 3 years

Favorite Activities: I love to play keep-away with my friends! I’m really good at it!

Best Qualities: My never-a-grey-sky disposition and ability to have fun whenever and wherever and with whomever!

My Best Friends: Luca, Jackson, Sadie and Em


Name: Gidget, Bella and Mister

Breed: Weimaraner and two Dachshunds

Age: 11, 1 2/3 years and almost 4

Favorite Activities: We’re card-carrying members of the Wild Bunch! We love chasing the wildlife and each other and doing zoomies in the big field!!

Best Qualities: We’re the friendliest pups ever!

My Best Friends: Kevin, Jay, Maddy, Gabby and Reagan


Name: Conor

Breed: French Bulldog

Age: 9 ½ years

Favorite Activities: I LOVE doing ANYTHING with people or dogs or puzzles or balls or climbing on things or being with you or getting my belly rubbed or…. 😊

Best Qualities: See these sparkles? I’m just as charming without them!

My Best Friends: Sunny, Penelope, Dora and Molly


Name: Rocco

Breed: Husky X

Age: Almost 11

Favorite Activities: Being in my more mature years now, I prefer to mingle and network instead of working up a sweat!

Best Qualities: I have really soft fur and I’m a great conversationalist!  I’ll let you pet me as long as you need to!

My Best Friends: Tucker, Bunny, Rylee, Stella and Rider


Name: Bella

Breed: Labradoodle

Age: 2+ years

Favorite Activities: When I am not being a Level 2 Companion Dog, I say, “Is it FUN? I love it!!!!”

Best Qualities: No matter what the game is, you can count me in with big smiles!

My Best Friends: Sadie, Maya, Charlotte, Jojo, Henry the Doodle… this list could go on and on!


Name: Bandit

Breed: Aussie X

Age: 1 ½ years

Favorite Activities: See my fabulous ball? Would you throw it for me? Or chase me in the big field?

Best Qualities: My mother always told me to be sweet, gentle and kind. So I am always a gentleman!

My Best Friends: Charlotte (she runs very fast!), Jackson, Luke, Ben and Bunny


Name: Ash

Breed: Russian Blue X

Age: 3 years & 9 months

Favorite Activities: I love chasing mice and playing hockey with them – what do you mean they’re only toys?!?

Best Qualities: My charming personality, striking green eyes and huge appetite –  whether it be for scratches or food – I will take them all!

My Best Friends: Whoever said “A dog is Man’s best friend” never met me! I befriend everyone I meet!


Name: Winston

Breed: Miniature Bull Terrier

Age: 1 ½ years

Favorite Activities: Living life to the fullest (and craziest!) when I’m not busy snuggling with my lady friends!

Best Qualities: I’m a very soulful guy and wear my heart on my sleeve!

My Best Friends: Devyn, Reagan & Em


Name: Charlotte

Breed: Shepherd X

Age: 1 year

Favorite Activities: Being the sumo wrestler of the gang, I love being in the middle of everything – whether that is on top of or under or beside my friends!

Best Qualities: It’s all about having as much fun as possible – no grump ever!

My Best Friends: Bella, Maya, Jojo, and anyone who moves fast!