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Name: Tommi

Breed: Boston Terrier

Age: 9 years

Favorite Activities: Please, please throw the ball for me!! Or catch me when I jump into your arms!

Best Qualities: I get the cutest dreamy eyes when I’m snuggled in bed with my puppaccino!

My Best Friends: Deb, Adam, Mary, Jess, Em, Chrystle & Mother Ed


Name: Orion

Breed: Presa Canario

Age: 4 ¾ years old

Favorite Activities: Struttin’ my stuff on a walk or romping, playing or snuggling with the ladies!

Best Qualities: Being a true Gentle Giant doesn’t stop me from also being a tease!

My Best Friends: Em, Jess, Reagan, Olivia, Mary & all the ladies!


Name: Midori

Breed: German Shepherd

Age: 6 1/3 years

Favorite Activities: Walks (with or without a leash) with my pal! Or getting massages… 😊

Best Qualities: Although I am technically a guard dog, I do my scanning quickly and quietly so I can get on with enjoying my friends!

My Best Friends: Olivia, Chrystle, Mary, Mother Ed, Adam and Jess


Name: Sean

Breed: Irish Terrier

Age: 9 years

Favorite Activities: Running and playing tag with my friends!

Best Qualities: When these Irish eyes are smiling, there is nothing more playful! The imp in me comes out!

My Best Friends: Gracie, Max, Anna, Percy, Toby, Molly and Lexi


Name: Manly

Breed: Pit/Hound Mix

Age: 7 years old

Favorite Activities: My middle name is “Action!” I love to be busy playing ball or chasing someone or jumping around!

Best Qualities: I am always eager to meet new people and do new things!

My Best Friends: Chrystle, Mary, Jess, and my MOM!


Name: Isabella

Breed: Papillion

Age: 16 years old!

Favorite Activities: Being Queen of the Castle, I enjoy commanding my subjects, cuddling when I say and eating spareribs!

Best Qualities: I am just as soft and cuddly as I look!

My Best Friends: While I used to tolerate the peasants, I now only mingle with my trusted courtiers. 😊


Name: Max

Breed: Border Collie X

Age: 3 years and 8 months

Favorite Activities: I love my version of ring-around-the-rosie where I get others to chase me into the undergrowth where I use my slick move and disappear!

Best Qualities: As an outgoing, easy and energetic guy, I love to meet new friends – no matter who they are or what they like to play!

My Best Friends: ❤️Jojo, Maya, Ben, Bunny, Memphis, Louie, Sydney and Bailey (my twin)


Name: Palmer

Breed: Lab X

Age: Almost 5 months

Favorite Activities: Running and playing and nipping noses and chasing a ball and getting loved on and eating my food and…

Best Qualities: My silky soft fur is as irresistible as the charming looks I give!

My Best Friends: Maya, Sadie, Bandit, Samba, Scout and Chrystle


Name: Pepper

Breed: Shih Tzu

Age: 11 ½ years old

Favorite Activities: I love hiking in the big field!! If you happen to have room on your lap, I enjoy helping with emails too!

Best Qualities: As an aristocrat, I only raise my voice when absolutely necessary – my adorable face gets me what I want!

My Best Friends: Hudson, Simba, Vincent, Tuffy and Muffin


Name: Maya

Breed: Golden

Age: 1 year

Favorite Activities: I am all about playing Intense Rugby or Fetch or Tug with my many new friends!

Best Qualities: Always ready for fun, I enjoy being a snuggle bunny when I’m finally tired!

My Best Friends: Sadie (my bestest), Max (my brother), Charlotte, Jojo, Samba, Carolina and Bella and…