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Name: Milo

Breed: Lab X

Age: 1¾ years

Favorite Activities: Although I like most every sport, dancing in the sprinkler is my favorite!

Best Qualities: I’m always ready to make a new friend or two!

My Best Friends: Palmer, Elsa, Jojo, Esther, Charlotte, Quincy & Finnegan!


Name: Kuna & Henry    Age: 14 & Almost 13!

Breed:  Catahoula X & German Shorthaired Pointer

Favorite Activities: We both work for the CIA (Canine Investigation Agency)! Kuna is the amazing Head of the Treat Division while Henry works happily for the Ball Division!

Best Qualities: We make the cutest snuggle couple!

My Best Friends: Adam, Em, Jay, Chrystle, Kim and Kevin


Name: Yeti

Breed: Standard Poodle

Age: Almost 13!

Favorite Activities: I enjoy a leisurely exploration of the field and then a snuggle and massage!

Best Qualities: I’m always in a good mood and smiling!

My Best Friends: Reagan, Maddie, Jay, Kevin and Kelly!


Name: Comet

Breed:  Labradoodle

Age: 4 years

Favorite Activities: Walking in the field or cuddling with my human friends!

Best Qualities: Fiercely protective of those I love, I am a big mush for my inner circle. Bring on the kisses, the belly rubs and lap cuddles!

My Best Friends: Olivia, Reagan, Em & M Ed


Name: Copper & Sawyer

Breed: Boxer X & Lab X

Age: 2 ¾ & 3 ½ years

Favorite Activities: We love to chase each other and a ball or two!

Best Qualities: Copper lives BIG and BOLD in all things while Sawyer quietly surfs Copper’s waves.

My Best Friends: Reagan, Olivia, Kelly, Jay, Sarah and Maddie


Name: Tucher

Breed:  German Shepherd

Age: 11+ years

Favorite Activities: Just a kid at heart, I love playing in the pool or story time with long snuggles!

Best Qualities: I am a super-sweet gentle giant – just ask anyone!

My Best Friends: Olivia, Jay, Chrystle, and Kelly


Name: Peppermint

Breed: Cocker Spaniel X

Age: 9 ½ years

Favorite Activities: Despite the Kung Fu moment, I really prefer a more quiet life with a few close friends and, of course, belly rubs!

Best Qualities: I might be older, but I still got what it takes!

My Best Friends: Liam, Vincent, Henry & Rylee


Name: Smudge

Breed: Extra Cute (Shih Tzu)

Age: Almost 5 months!

Favorite Activities: Chasing anything that moves, eating noses, giving kisses and singing opera!

Best Qualities: Although I’m just a smidge over 4 pounds, I have a HUGE personality!

My Best Friends: I’m not picky – I LOVE EVERYONE!


Name: Scarlett & Gracie

Breed: Boxer Mixes

Age: Both 4 ¾ years

Favorite Activities: We LOVE zooming around the field – Scarlett loves finding toys and Gracie likes making pitstops for pets before chasing after her sister!

Best Qualities: Our gorgeous smiles and our generous kisses!!

My Best Friends:  Em, Kelly, Jay, Mother Ed, our mom Olivia, and each other!!!


Name: Zoe

Breed: Fundoodle

Age: 1 ½ years

Favorite Activities: Playing just about anything you want to play, especially football, keep away and FETCH!

Best Qualities: I’m always a happy camper!

My Best Friends: JAY! And all the Crazies!!!