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Name: Pepper

Breed: Shih Tzu

Age: 11 ½ years old

Favorite Activities: I love hiking in the big field!! If you happen to have room on your lap, I enjoy helping with emails too!

Best Qualities: As an aristocrat, I only raise my voice when absolutely necessary – my adorable face gets me what I want!

My Best Friends: Hudson, Simba, Vincent, Tuffy and Muffin


Name: Maya

Breed: Golden

Age: 1 year

Favorite Activities: I am all about playing Intense Rugby or Fetch or Tug with my many new friends!

Best Qualities: Always ready for fun, I enjoy being a snuggle bunny when I’m finally tired!

My Best Friends: Sadie (my bestest), Max (my brother), Charlotte, Jojo, Samba, Carolina and Bella and…


Name: Malcolm

Breed: Pug

Age: 15 years!

Favorite Activities: Although I am challenged with limited eyesight, I love going out for a stroll! And being cuddled!

Best Qualities: My zest for life and fun-loving disposition help me make instant friends!

My Best Friends: Pepper, Simba, Dewey and Eddie


Name: Buddy

Breed: Lab

Age: Almost 8!

Favorite Activities: I’m a people person and I love going for walks!

Best Qualities: My cheerful and pleasant nature and my fabulous smile!

My Best Friends: Rylee, Samba, Jess, Mary, Luca and all the less crazy ones!


Name: Kaia

Breed: Boston Terrier X

Age: 4 1/3 years

Favorite Activities: I prefer a quiet tea party or perhaps hopscotch with a few select friends!

Best Qualities: Although I am a bit shy, I’m just as sweet as I look!

My Best Friends: Muffin, Dora, Harley, Logan and Kim


Name: Roxy

Breed: Labradoodle

Age: 1 year

Favorite Activities: I LOVE wrestling and running around with my new friends. Cuddles and pets afterwards? Yes, Please!!

Best Qualities: My determination! Once I figure out what I want, I will not settle for less!

My Best Friends: Max, Barney, Belle, Bella, Dixie, Maya, Em and Jojo!


Name: Sadie

Breed: German Shepherd X

Age: 10 months

Favorite Activities: Playing Ultimate Rugby with my friends!

Best Qualities: I can find fun no matter where I am or who I am with!

My Best Friends: I like everyone who is smaller and squiggly, but I LOVE my friend Maya!


Name: Yallah

Breed: Africanis X

Age: 1 year 10 months

Favorite Activities: Challenging Superman’s “faster than a speeding bullet” without a cape!

Best Qualities: I am a sweet snuggler with my inner circle!

My Best Friends: Kevin, Debbie, Chrystle, Jessica & DAD!


Name: Bailey

Breed: Aussie/Border Collie X

Age: 2½ years

Favorite Activities: If it’s a runnin’ and a jumpin’ and a playin,’ count me IN! If it’s a snugglin,’ count me in TWICE!

Best Qualities: I have the softest ears and the sweetest smile when I am snuggling!

My Best Friends: Ben, Bunny, Jojo, Sydney and my “twin brother” Max!


Name: Henry & Dozer

Breed: Labradoodle & English Bulldog

Age: 9 months & 2 ½ years old

Favorite Activities: Playing our version of tug-of-war everywhere with anything we find!

Best Qualities: We’re the new Odd Couple and we’re best friends!!

My Best Friends: Kevin, Reagan, Debbie and Rylee