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Name: Jojo

Breed: Pitbull X

Age: 2 years 3 months

Favorite Activities: I love to play tag mixed with a little bit of rugby!

Best Qualities: My fun-loving and sweet disposition with everyone I meet!

My Best Friends:  MAX! and Ben, Bunny, Leo, Memphis, Louie and Finn… for starters!


Name: Finn
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Age: 1½ years old
Favorite Activities: RUN! Jump! Play! (Repeat!!!) (Repeat!!!)
Best Qualities: I will be happy to be your personal trainer and keep you on the go!
My Best Friends: Olivia, Mary, Chrystle (I’m a ladies’ man!)


Name: Copper

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 6 Years

Favorite Activities: I love WATER, balls, and romping with my two-legged and four-legged friends!

Best Qualities: Easy-going and sweet, I can romp or settle down and snuggle – you choose!

My Best Friends: Weiss, Rylee, Jackson & Tucker


Name: Luna & Pippa

Breed: Samoyed

Age: 12½ & 2¼ years

Favorite Activities: When we’re not being Birthday Princesses, we love a good game of Tag!

Best Qualities: Our beautiful eyes and silky soft fur make it easy to spend lots of time snuggling with us! Win-win!

My Best Friends: Fozzy, Jackson, Max, Anna, Rylee & Sunny


Name: Nora

Breed: Schnauzer

Age: Almost 3!

Favorite Activities: When I am not on the show circuit, I love to RUN and will outlast many others in the chase game!!

Best Qualities: I am high spirited with a little bit of imp thrown in for good measure!

My Best Friends:  Jolly, Asta, the squirrels, Jess, the deer, Mary, the birds, Kevin, and Mabel!


Name: Kahlua
Breed: Akita
Age: 3 years & 7 months
Favorite Activities: I love romping in the field or goofing off with a toy or snuggling, all the while being my sweet and sassy self!
Best Qualities: Who can resist this face?!!
My Best Friends: Kevin, Jess, Mary, Em & Mother Ed


Name: Anna
Breed: Hound X
Age: Almost 7!
Favorite Activities: I prefer to pal around with dogs rather than people, and I really like to chase that ball or my friends!
Best Qualities: Although I am quite shy, I have a huge heart and intensely love those whom I choose for myself.
My Best Friends: Ben, Jackson, Henry, Ella, Max & Tucker


Name: Molly
Breed: Goldendoodle
Age: 1 year & 2 months
Favorite Activities: There is nothing better than cavorting with my friends! Except, perhaps, getting kisses from my mom and dad!
Best Qualities: I am always on the go, and always happily looking at the bright side of life!
Ben, Jeter, Percy, Lola, Barney, Bunny, Max, Logan, just to name a few!!!


Name: Buddy

Breed: Shepherd/ Boxer/Pit Mix

Age: 4 ½ years old

Favorite Activities: Playing catch-me-if-you-can and tag with my pals!

Best Qualities: My gigantic smile! It never ends! I’m also an energetic ball of cuteness!

My Best Friends: Nicole, Terry, and anyone who can keep up with me!


Name: Maple

Breed: Bernedoodle

Age: 2 ¾ years

Favorite Activities: I LOVE to be with other dogs – doesn’t matter who or what we are doing!!!

Best Qualities: My easy, carefree attitude and love of life! I am 110%!!!

My Best Friends: Hayden, Henry, Mabel, Maverick, Tucker, and Barney!!