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Name: Aspen

Breed: Bichon Frise

Age: 17 years old!

Favorite Activities: A good walk – got to keep movin’!

Best Qualities:  Obstacles do not block the path. For him, they are the path.

My Best Friends: Claire, Mary, Juliane & Mother Ed


Name: Stella Bella

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog

Age: 1 ½ years

Favorite Activities: Wrestling and romping around the back yard. I’m a never-ending ball of pure energy!

Best Qualities: I love to give kisses and be hugged!

My Best Friends: Barney, Sabio, Max, and all the crazies!!!


Name: Penny

Breed: Brussels Griffon

Age: 15 years & 1 month

Favorite Activities: Supervising the office staff – they are so needy!

Best Qualities: I love life! I’m small but mighty!

My Best Friends: Kim, M Ed & Ariana


Name: Evie

Breed: Afghan/Golden X

Age: 4 years & 7 months

Favorite Activities: Running like the wind and looking majestic while doing it!

Best Qualities: I’m Sweet & Sassy – which one did you meet?

My Best Friends: Kevin, Deb, Terry & Mother Ed


Name: Tank

Breed: American Bull Dog

Age: 7 years & 7 months

Favorite Activities: Snugglin’ with Sarah and struttin’ on a Nature Walk!

Best Qualities: My dreamy eyes and cutie-pie snorts!

My Best Friends: Sarah, Allison, Piper & Raina


Name: Lola

Breed: Cavapoo

Age: 1 year old

Favorite Activities: Cavorting, sumo wrestling, zooming, and otherwise goofing with my friends… preferably all at the same time!

Best Qualities: I don’t let the little things upset me!

My Best Friends: Rory, Lexie, Starr, Dora, and Pumpkin


Name: Buelah

Breed: Cane Corso

Age: 6 years and 4 months old

Favorite Activities: Doing a lap around the backyard before pausing at the feet of the nearest person for some back or belly scratches… and repeat!!

Best Qualities: The smile I throw over my shoulder at whoever is giving me pets. Also, my size! There’s so much of me to love and I have so much love to give.

My Best Friends: Mary, Em, Mother Ed, Allison, and Sarah P.


Name: Gracie

Breed: Whippet

Age: 7 years & 7 months old

Favorite Activities: Chasing and being chased — I run like the wind and can turn corners better than the heavier guys! When I’m not playing, I’m happily snuggling in my Taco Bed!

Best Qualities: I’m super sweet and playful!

Best Friends: All the runners! I get ‘em all stirred up!


Name: Benny & Annie

Breed: Yorkie/Terrier Mixes

Age: Both are about 11 years old

Favorite Activities: Benny runs around and plays with EVERYONE! Annie likes to spend the time she isn’t in a lap to explore the yard and sniff everything!!!

Best Qualities: We are total sweethearts through and through!

My Best Friends: Hudson, Logan, Pumpkin, and anyone with a comfy lap!


Name: Chuy

Breed: Pug

Age: 8 years and 7 months

Favorite Activities: I love chasing my friends around and being an absolute goofball!

Best Qualities: My handsome pug mug makes everyone love me and my charming, rambunctious nature certainly doesn’t hurt either!!

My Best Friends: Dylan, Moose, Maisy, Kitty, and Muffin