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Name: Tucker

Breed: Beagle Mix

Age: 12 years

Favorite Activities: You mean besides Birthday Parties? 😊 I’m always up for a stroll and a snuggle!

Best Qualities: I’m retired and enjoying the best that life has to offer and I love it!

My Best Friends: Benny, Muffin, Bandit, Tank, Rylee, Max and Atlas


Name: Bear

Breed: Akita

Age: 9 1/3 years

Favorite Activities: I love struttin’ my stuff on a walk! And the petting I get when I go back to my room!

Best Qualities: Despite my attempts at being the tough guy, the ladies know that I am a big mush!!

My Best Friends: Debbie, Mary, Chrystle & my MOM!


Name: Cookie

Breed: Foxhound X

Age: 2½ years old

Favorite Activities: I am a hard-hitting rugby player and love sprinting too!

Best Qualities: I love playing with everyone I meet!!!!

My Best Friends: Mabel, Max, Bunny, Ben, Louie & Sam


Name: Sophie & Dusty

Breed: Labradoodle & Springerdoodle

Age: 11 years 5 months and 2 years 5 months

Favorite Activities: Dusty loves to play and zoom around with all of her friends while Sophie prefers receiving the undivided attention and adoration of her two-legged subjects!

Best Qualities: Dusty’s floops provide comic relief to Sophie’s regal demeanor! Even Sophie has to laugh!

My Best Friends:  Charlotte, Peppermint, Oliver, Kim & Callie


Name: Blue

Breed: English Shepherd X

Age: 11 ¾ years

Favorite Activities: I love romping with my friends (when I am not out walking with my Dad)!

Best Qualities: I’m still playing with the young’uns and showing them the ropes! And I have THE COOLEST ears!

My Best Friends: Ben, Bunny, Anna, Finnigan and Max!


Name: Alexa

Breed: Cavalier King Charles X

Age: 3 years & 3 months

Favorite Activities: Anything beginning and ending with SNUGGLES!

Best Qualities: The twinkle in my eyes and my super-soft fur helps me make instant friends!

My Best Friends: Olivia, Chrystle, Julian, Kelly, Ariana and my Red Monkey!!!


Name: Pia and Lucy

Breed: Border Collies

Age: 8¾ years and 2½  years

Favorite Activities: We love putting our superior brains to work on puzzles!

Best Qualities: Our ball catching skills are unmatched! Watch out Victor Robles!

My Best Friends: Each other! Oreo, Bo, and Tara!


Name: Boomer

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Age: 10 ¼ years old

Favorite Activities: I love exploring outside and sniffing around for adventures!

Best Qualities: My handsome face, I look good in silver, and my sweet personality!

My Best Friends: Kim, Debbie, Kevin and anyone who is ready to explore with me!


Name: Loki & Milo

Breed: Lab/German Shepherd & Lab/Border Collie

Age: 2 years and 1 month & 3 years and 7 months

Favorite Activities: We love to romp and roll around with each other and all our friends!

Best Qualities: We’re two goofy sweethearts that love to play!

My Best Friends: Logan, Luca, Stella Bella, Tucker and Bo!


Name: Finn

Breed: Airedale/Beagle X

Age: 4¼ years

Favorite Activities: I’m not the best at it, but I love to play and my friends are showing me the ropes!

Best Qualities: Besides being a snazzy dresser with ultra-soft hair, I am a happy guy!

My Best Friends: Jojo, Memphis, Hope and Mabel … more to come!